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Welcome to the Modesto Assisted Living section. For seniors with mobility problems or who have difficulties accomplishing the tasks required for daily living, remaining at home independently is not an option.  For many of these seniors, however, the medical services provided by a nursing home are not necessary.  Assisted living offers an ideal housing solution for those seniors who fit into the gap of being unable to live alone but not in need of around the clock medical care.

Here at The Eldercare Channel of Modesto, CA, we know that the differences between different types of senior housing can be confusing, and we know that you want to make the best decision for your loved ones.  Assisted living facilities work to offer seniors as much independence as they are capable of, while providing them as much assistance as they need to enjoy a high quality of life.  For some seniors, this may mean help with things such as housekeeping, personal grooming, and meal preparation, while for others, it may mean help using the bathroom, bathing, getting dressed, and eating.

California seniors are all unique, and here at The Eldercare Channel, we recognize this.  Our articles and tips can help you understand what type of senior housing might be the best fit for your loved one, as well as what to look for in a housing facility.  The Modesto Eldercare Channel is brought to you by Rick Carson and the folks of Right at Home Modesto.

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