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Thank you for visiting the Modesto Hospice Care section of The Eldercare Channel. End of life issues can be incredibly stressful on any family, especially when you are also forced to focus on making care decisions based on the amount of insurance coverage that you have.  Hospice care is covered by many insurance policies, but most have limits on the amount and length of care that can be received.  Hospice care is a type of palliative care that is offered to help ease pain and suffering when lifesaving treatments are no longer effective, and it can be a blessing for many patients and their families.

One recommendation when it comes to hospice care is to choose a provider or facility ahead of time.  You may find that the facility you choose can help you determine when the best time to enter into care will be so that you are able to maintain coverage.  You may choose an individual provider to offer care in your home or to let your family member enter into a hospice facility.  Both options can be very positive and the decision is personal.  By taking the time to choose a provider in advance, you can find someone who will be compassionate about your situation, help alleviate the fears and anxieties surrounding death, and even help meet the spiritual requests of your loved one.

The decision to enter a family member into hospice care is never easy, but we can help ease the stress.   The Modesto Eldercare Channel is brought to you by Rick Carson and the folks of Right at Home Modesto. We offer information and advice to help you know where to turn and what to ask.  We also offer a directory of hospice care providers and facilities operating right here in the Modesto region of California.

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